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Old Street - Feasibility study for mixed use development

 A single firefighting lift shaft and stairwell serves the upper floors of the tower with automatic opening vent protection on each floor and protected hallways within each apartment. Lobby separation and door alarms protect and separate the hotel use from the shared alternative means of escape stairwells. An efficient 7.5m steel-framed structural grid is proposed for the north and south wings with the reinforced concrete cores formed ahead of the frame erection. Each 7.5m grid accommodates 6No. car spaces at sub-basement level and 4No. hotel rooms on the upper floors. The majority of the net lettable floor areas and the service cores conform to these simple, orthogonal structural grids to provide an efficient and economical structural solution. The upper stages of the tower and the curved prows of the north and south wings are supported and braced by rigid reinforced concrete cores with either concrete and/or steel-frame extensions forming the required profiles.

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