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Old Street - Feasibility study for mixed use development

Reconfiguration of the traffic circulation with an option for two-way traffic in Great Eastern Street and pedestrianisation of Tabernacle Square improves vehicular flow and pedestrian access to and from the Apex site. An arcade on the narrow Rivington Street frontage provides a broad covered pavement from which the hotel lobby offers a covered route through the site passed the courtyard to the Old Street frontage. All four main functions, the hotel, the offices, the apartments and the restaurant are directly accessible from the main pedestrian frontages and from the courtyard. The curb is inset on the western tip to provide a taxi setting-down point close to the open courtyard entrance and there is a coach bay on the Old Street frontage near to the hotel entrance lobby and to the restaurant. A lift and stairwell core in the office main entrance serves the office floors of the south wing. A lift and stairwell core in the residential reception serves the residential floors of the tower. Two lift and stairwell cores in the link-block serve the hotel floors where the lift landings half way between the far ends of the hotel wings, are convenient for access to the rooms.

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