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Old Street - Feasibility study for mixed use development

A mixed-use development is proposed incorporating a 224-bed hotel (8162 sqm), 4 floors of office use (3842 sqm), a restaurant (805 sqm) that could be part of the hotel, a residential tower with 28 apartments (3722 sqm) and a commercial sub-basement car park with 51 No. car spaces. The Apex Hotel occupies nine levels of the north wing (B, G, 1-7), the link-block (G, 1-7) and the top three floors of the south wing (5, 6 and 7). The ground floor lobby has entrances from Old Street, Rivington Street and from the courtyard. The Apex Offices occupy the lower levels of the south wing (B, G, 1, 2 and 3) with a main entrance and reception in the curved prow accessible from the covered arcade. The offices have prime frontages on Rivington Street, Great Eastern Street and the courtyard. The offices are arranged to be separately lettable floor by floor. The restaurant occupies the central ground and basement areas of the north wing, adjacent to the hotel lobby, and with a south-western aspect overlooking the courtyard, where tables and chairs can be set out in the afternoon sun, screened from the traffic of Old Street and Great Eastern Street. The residential accommodation occupies the upper levels of the Apex Tower (8 26) with a prominent ground floor entrance and reception in the curved prow of the north wing. The tower, at No. 90 Great Eastern Street, provides a high quality residential environment rising above the urban surroundings. There are two apartments per floor on the lower levels (8-19), one per floor on the upper levels (20-22) and a penthouse triplex at the summit ( 23, 24 and 25), all with broad urban aspects and clear views over the City. The Apex Tower will be designed to have a characteristic profile, recognizable on the London skyline as the landmark of the Shoreditch Triangle and metropolitan gateway to the London Borough of Hackney. All ground floor areas of the development have a storey height of not less than 3.6m. Elsewhere the storey heights in the north wing, the tower, the link-block and the top three floors of the south wing are 2.7m. Storey heights in the south wing offices are 3.6m so that floors 1-4 of the north wing correspond with floors 1-3 of the south wing, both having a total height of 10.8m. As the top three floors of the south wing are part of the hotel they have been identified as floors 5, 6 and 7, so that the south wing does not have a fourth floor. A commercial car park occupies the sub-basement with negotiated rates for the residents, the offices and the hotel.

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