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Old Street - Feasibility study for mixed use development

These fully remodeled Apex proposals envisage clearance of the existing buildings and redevelopment of the whole site to provide a podium building with north and south wings, a link-block and a 26-storey tower, with a combined gross internal floor area of 18,605 sqm. The general arrangement consists of an 8-storey north wing (G, 1-7) along the Old Street frontage, incorporating the lower levels of the tower, and a 7-storey south wing (G, 1-6) along the Rivington Street frontage, incorporating an arcade at street level. Between these two wings there is a new courtyard and public realm, open to the west and with the tower rising on the north side, providing a dramatic landmark at the apex of the Shoreditch Triangle. To the east of the courtyard the north and south wings are connected by an 8-storey (G, 1-7) link-block. The overall massing steps down two storeys before adjoining buildings to the east. A basement and sub-basement provide ancillary accommodation for the ground floor areas and off-street parking and servicing respectively, with vehicular access via a ramp descending from Rivington Street. Access and servicing for the various uses within the development is via four service cores, two in the north wing and two in the south wing, each with a loading bay at sub-basement level. Higher gross internal and net lettable floor areas for the development can be achieved by the same general arrangement, subject to enclosing the lower levels of the courtyard for B1 use and redistributing the hotel uses on the upper levels of both wings.

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