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''interdisciplinary forum for space solutions"


BLUEBASE has been set-up as a facilitator, a platform to create build quality in an integrated environment where the architectural process is strongly understood as a shared experience reaching from the client to the design team, the statutory authorities down to the constructing individual on site - this requires a 'natural' awareness of the real environmental, social, political and economic conditions.

BLUEBASE architecture involves a contemporary design signature responding to the existing context. Initiated by the real time process and the collective understanding of all it's team members. By offering a direct personal contact within the project, we provide a highly tailored approach to each individual project.

BLUEBASE draws on an innovation from an international team with experience from across Europe and the United States. Committed to extensive use of advanced communications and documentation systems with the benefit of a fast and flexible operation.

BLUEBASE seeks to expand and enrich its activities beyond the traditional architectural services into areas of research and product development. Connecting with other professions to provide interdisciplinary solutions.

BLUEBASE established 1997 in its current form by its 3 partners, based in London with strong links to Turkey, Germany, Spain and the United States.

BLUEBASE has been working on residential and commercial building projects for private and commercial clients from early concept stage to final completion with a contract sum from 50k to 2m. The work has been published in Wallpaper, Sunday Express, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Architectural Journal and various architectural publications.

BLUEBASE is approved by the Corporation of London Approved List for architectural consultancy of schemes over 3m.

BLUEBASE has been established 1998 by its 3 founding partners, based in London with strong links to Turkey, Germany, Spain and the United States.

BLUEBASE is a trade name for Bluebase Ltd. Bluebase Ltd. has been registered 15.11.2007 in England and Wales. Company No. 06428504.

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